My love of travel first began in high school with the plan to see and do as much as I can. My husband and I set out on our first adventure together as newlyweds on our first cruise and 20 plus years later our passion for travel has continued to this day. We don’t always know what we will find, but for an adventure, we’ll “ALWAYS TAKE THE SCENIC ROUTE.” On any given day you'll probably find me researching, planning, and dreaming about my next trip.

I'm a travel agent living in Tampa, Florida, and I specialize in booking cruises and all-inclusive resorts. Our friends and I love exploring and sharing our adventures whether it be road tripping in our home state of Florida, cruising, relaxing in a all-inclusive resorts, or just exploring other locations throughout the US.

We totally believe Life is about the adventures you take, the memories you make, and the people you take along for the ride. So, travel often and live life with open eyes and an open hearts.

We would love the opportunity to book a trip of a lifetime or just a quick getaway! We invite you to take the scenic route with us as we share our travel tips, cruising/land based adventures and PKAT short-stops that we find along the route!

So let the adventures begin……….